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Murder Mystery
Murder she Rhymed
1920's "Little Chicago" Theme
Sunday - 6pm
Dinner 4 Courses
by Chef Marco Ormonde



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The storyline for this murder mysteryreflects REAL LIFE EVENTSthat took placein Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.


By October 24, 1928, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, a thriving city on the Canadian prairie, had earned its reputation as a “Little Chicago.” Not only was it filled with vice and corruption, but it was also a place where “Scarface” Al Capone himself called the shots.


​Purchasing bootleg liquor from a network of suppliers, Capone stashed the contraband in the tunnels beneath Main Street before shipping it to the States via the Canadian National Railroad and the Grand Trunk Line. As "The Boss," he was in charge and local authorities reported directly to him.


Yet, one individual proved to be a particular threat to the “status quo.” As Chief of Police Wally Wilson’s cook and housekeeper, Mary Kelly eavesdropped on conversations that could embarrass some very important people in Moose Jaw. When her employment was abruptly terminated, she began roaming the streets of the city, writing limericks and seeking work.


​If loose lips sink ships, then Kelly’s boat may have sprung a serious leak. For, when she has a bit too much to drink at Mamie’s Saloon, she’s been known to tell tantalizing tales the Mounties would eagerly gobble up as evidence that can be used to clean up a city. 


​What fate awaits her? Who would line up to permanently silence her loose lyrics? What do these resonant rhymes reveal, and how far is Kelly willing to go to expose “The Boss’s” influence on Moose Jaw’s public officials? Are cryptic clues woven into her vitriolic verses? All will soon be neatly resolved - and revealed.


Mamie - Owner of Mamie's Saloon

"The Boss" maintains an office at Mamie's. Her lucrative watering hole would be in jeopardy if the Mounties came to town.


Jake - Right hand man to "The Boss"
​He does whatever "The Boss" wants. If someone needs to be taught a lesson, Jake is the perfect tutor.


Wally Wilson - Chief of Police
It's profitable for him to "look the other way." What did Mary hear and see when she worked for him?


Lily Lu - Head Chinawoman
She runs the Chinese population that built the railroad. None of the respectable people of Moose Jaw want them to live next door, so they've taken up residence in the tunnels.


​William Dunhill - Mayor
He says he wants to clean up Moose Jaw, but "The Boss" has let him know who really runs the city. What possible threat could Mary Kelly pose to him?


Roxie Rosen - Personal Assistant to “The Boss”
She arranges everything for him. It's the best job she's ever had and she likes being close to the person who really runs Moose Jaw.


Harvey Jensen - Piano tuner


Mabel Jensen - Haberdashery owner


Harry Hill - Bagman for "The Boss"


Hugh Olds - Family doctor


Jim Clark - Telegraph office manager


Doc - Piano player at Mamie's


Bill Beaman - Barber


Ethel Davies Beaman - Bill Beaman's wife


J. E. Unders - Tobacconist


Gertie Cartwright - Hotel owner


"Moon" Millen - Bootlegger


Ralph Walton - Fish and game club owner


Suzette LaBelle - Madame


Vinnie Norton - Plumber


Doris Kemp - Railroad cargo agent


Misty Mathison - Trombone player at Mamie's


Art Dugan - Gambler


Butch Barret - Mechanic and handyman


Fred Olsen - Police sergeant


Mona Olsen - Fred Olsen's wife


Daisy Dalton - Singer at Mamie's


Jenny Goodheart - Nurse


Alice Greentree - Cafe owner


​Rebecca Blackwell - Newspaper reporter

HOW it WOrks?

30 Suspects! Your role will be e-mail to you 2 weeks in advance.

You do not have to act! Only respond to the questions according to your role when interrogated.

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Menu for the evening - 4 Courses

Mushroom Truffle Chowder


Grilled Veggies Pasta Salad


For Main Course Choice of:

Braised Brisket with Forked Potatoes, Caramelized Onions, Natural Jus


Grilled Chicken Breast with Medley of Vegetables, Garlic Whipped Potatoes and Chicken Sauce


Grilled Vegetable Pasta with Basil Cream Sauce



Apple Crumble 

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